Telus fail

A few months ago I bought an HTC Desire from Telus. While I loved the phone, it had problems from the beginning. The keyboard would regularly freeze mid- email/sms and the only way to revive the device was to pull out the battery and restart the phone.

It would often reboot when an incoming call was ringing. This is a major failure for a phone - at the very least it should be able to accept phone calls.

Anyway, I returned it to Telus who sent it back to HTC for repair. I was “given” (for $150 deposit) an old HTC Hero running Android 1.5 as a loaner phone to use until my Desire was fixed.

The Hero was rock-solid on 1.5. No issues at all - apart from the lack of tethering.

At the end of October Telus released the 2.1 upgrade for the Hero and I downloaded it over-the-air so I could get tethering again.

First incoming phone call? The Hero rebooted!

I’m wondering why my Desire was sent back to HTC when clearly the problem is somewhere in the Telus build of Android 2.1.