Recruiting 101

Recruiting is difficult. Most of the top talent already have jobs and are rarely in the job market. As a recruiter (or a headhunter, or a talent scout) these are precisely the people that you should be trying to attract.

There are a few simple guidelines that might help you generate genuine interest in the role you’re trying to fill.

  1. Try to build relationships with candidates, not just a contact database. I need to know that you are someone I can work with and can be trusted to be discrete. Let’s have lunch together.
  2. Proof-read your email.
  3. Give me a detailed description of the role including the actual company name and location. Leave out the technology buzzwords - truly great developers can operate effectively in any landscape
  4. Do not ask me to send you “an updated copy of your resume in MS Word format”. I don’t know who you are or what you’re going to do with it; what happens if you unknowingly send my resume to my current employer?
  5. Be discrete. Don’t call me on my work phone. When you call my cell phone always ask first if it is OK to talk and listen to my answer. If I say no then just say, “OK, let’s talk later” and hang up.

Following these simple rules will dramatically increase the quality of your candidates and get a higher response rate to your communications. Who knows, you might even make more money because you’ll be able to consistently deliver the candidates that nobody else can find.