Maven Release from Jenkins

I encountered this error while setting up a Jenkins job to automate our Maven release process.

[INFO] EXECUTING: cmd.exe /X /C "hg commit --message "[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration" c:\jenkins\jobs\Release\workspace\pom.xml"  
[DEBUG] abort: C:\Jenkins\jobs\Release\workspace\pom.xml not under root  
Execution of cmd : commit failed with exit code: -1.  
Working directory was:  
Your Hg installation seems to be valid and complete.  
Hg version: 2.0 (OK)  

Our Jenkins box runs on Windows. It turns out the Mercurial (HG) is case- sensitive in a way that hadn’t impacted our project in any way up until this point. Note the subtle differences in the first two log statements:


This was because our JENKINS_HOME environment variable was set to “c:\jenkins” but HG was using “C:\Jenkins”.

The solution was to change the value of the JENKINS_HOME environment variable to the case-sensitive “C:\Jenkins”, restart the service, and everything worked fine.