Clean Tea - Part II

This is a continuation of my post about clean tea, except this time I analysed the offerings from Teavana® (a Starbucks company).

Teavana® by the numbers:

  • 101 teas (excluding kits and samplers)
  • 70 contain sugar and/or flavourings
  • 31 caffeine-free
  • 4 had no ingredients listed

So I filtered the list to only show teas with:

  • No caffeine
  • No sugar
  • No flavourings

Only one tea on the Teavana® menu passes my filter for what I would consider to be “clean”. It is … (drum roll) …

Full disclosure: Not all products on the Teavana® website showed the ingredients and caffeine levels. Lemon Ginger and Chamomile Bloom, for example, are both probably caffeine-free but it isn’t explicitly stated on the website. Nor are their ingredients listed so I cannot determine whether they contain added flavourings or sweeteners.

See my follow-up post Clean Tea - Part III where I analyse the Tealyra® menu.