Life after Java?

There has been a lot of talk lately that Java is on its way out, mostly fueled by Apple deprecatingJava, and by Apache threateningto quit Java. I’m not crying Chicken Little just yet, but perhaps it’s time to start looking for the Next Big Thing. There are certainly a lot of contenders out there: Ruby (and Rails), Scala, Groovy (and Grails). My guess is there’ll be a couple of false starts before a clear winner is declared. [Read More]
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Personal projects

I recently started working on a personal project - a web application - and faced a difficult decision. What technology stack do I use? I like my personal projects to both fulfil a requirement and to teach me something in the process. Java is my native language, so I initially thought I’d build it in wicket-spring-hibernate. The problem is that I can only work on the project for a few hours a week, and I find that developing in Java just takes too long. [Read More]