Tapestry and JMeter

I was recently tasked with setting up some load tests for our Tapestry (4.1.6) web application. I chose to use Apache JMeter because it is open-source and is flexible enough to do what we needed, and doesn’t cost $12,000/month like some load testing tools. I set up an HTTP Proxy Manager to record a simple navigation through the site and reconfigured my browser to use the proxy. The proxy recorded the requests without a hitch. [Read More]

Tapestry: UpdateComponents, Eventlistener and Script files

This week I encountered an interesting issue in Tapestry when I tried to dynamically load a component using Tapestry’s built-in EventListener functionality. The component in question had a .script file associated with it, which Tapestry loaded dynamically, but the JavaScript functions in the .script file were “not found” when I tried to execute them. After a bit of digging around, a colleague of mine noticed that Tapestry was loading the . [Read More]

JRebel and Tapestry working together

I’ve recently started trialling JRebel at work. JRebel is a piece of software that hot-swaps your code so that changes made in your IDE are reflected in your application server without requiring a restart. The benefits of this idea are fairly obvious. I no longer have to wait 1 - 2 minutes for JBoss to restart each time I correct a spelling mistake etc. The time saved by not restarting probably make the product worth the $US149 licensing fee. [Read More]