Things to consider before switching to VOIP

There are many things to consider before switching to VOIP. My wife and I switched to VOIP in March out of frustration with our phone provider, Bell. After two months of VOIP phone service we’ve decided to go back to a standard phone line. There are many reasons that factored into our decision: It was very unreliable It cost more than a standard phone line It didn’t work with our security system I’ll expand on each of these in detail. [Read More]

VOIP providers in Canada

After a decade of abuse I’ve decided to ditch my Bell landline in favour of VOIP. My last Bell bill was $60.26 for a basic phone with 2 features. I did a lot of research into the various providers in Canada. My short list of potentials was Vonage - the biggest player - the cheapest player AcroVoice Cogeco In the end I went for AcroVoice because they seem to have the best mix of service, simplicity and professionalism. [Read More]